Logistic Services, Supporting Your Daily Flow of Operations

H&S provides a unique suite of specialty supply chain services to support requirements for multiple customers. We specialize in managing and operating bulk fuel facilities, with experience providing on-demand fueling services for all types of military aircraft and other military vehicles.

Bulk Fuel Services

H&S Resources specializes in providing the management and operation of bulk fuel facilities for our Federal Government clients. We also have experience providing on-demand fueling services for all types of military aircraft and other military vehicles. Our bulk fuels services include:

  • Receipt, storage, handling and issuing operations
  • Cryogenic Storage and Distribution
  • Product Quality Control and Surveillance
  • Fuel Accounting and Administrative Functions
  • Fuel equipment Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Energy Management

H&S Resources Corporation is able to provide the following services through our Energy Management program:

  • Energy Auditing
  • Retro Commissioning
  • Recommissioning
  • Metering/Advanced Metering
  • Renewable Energy Screening
  • Building Envelope Testing
  • Leak Detection
  • Implementation of Federal Guidelines
  • Resource Efficiency Management


Whether you need to outfit your office space with new furniture, or just need help moving from one location to the next, H&S is your one-stop shop for office furniture support. We also provide office furniture assembly, reconfiguration, set-up, dismantling and relocation services. Our experienced technicians are also able to provide you with integrated Audio-Visual system services – outfitting conference centers with the latest communication and audio-visual technology and equipment.

  • Relocation Services
  • Storage
  • Assembly

Current and past customers:

  • Department of the Army – Aberdeen Proving Ground Furniture Services, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  • U. S. Air Force – Andrews Air Force Base Furniture Services, Joint Base Andrews, MD
  • Department of Treasury – Bureau of Public Debt, EAC Relocation, Assessment and Design Services, Washington, DC
  • Department of Labor – Multi-Functional Moving and Conference Support Services, Washington, DC
  • General Services Administration – Modular Office Furniture Supply Services

Visitor Management Systems

H&S Resources Corporation has partnered with Building Intelligence as a broker of their award winning Visitor Management System.  Building Intelligence is a leader in visitor access management with their SV3 software,  its full suite of cloud services for the secure & efficient management of Visitors, Vehicles & Vendor Access.  SV3 has proven to be ideal for multi-tenant and corporate buildings, loading docks, educational facilities, as well as transportation, healthcare and government entities. This solution is the Visitor Management System for the World Trade Center and The Bank of America/Durst Building in NYC and many others, including the Time Warner Center.